Top Cairns Diving Spots


With its temperate, tropical waters abundant with spectacular hard and soft coral, it is not hard to see why Cairns is such a popular diving destination. Here are just three of the best dive spots to check out close to our Trinity Beach family accommodation.

Flynn Reef

One of the most popular sites for novice and intermediate divers in Cairns, Flynn Reef encompasses several excellent diving spots, including Tracy’s Bommie, the Coral Gardens and Gordon’s Mooring. You can swim amongst huge schools of Clark’s anemone fish, and maybe spot a few reef sharks gliding silently over the rainbow coloured coral.

Milln Reef

You’re likely to spot barracudas, parrot fish and white tip reef sharks at Milln Reef, a popular site ideal for divers with a little more experience. Night dives here are just as spectacular, when painted lobsters and sleeping turtles can be seen floating through the water.

Thetford reef

Thetford reef is home to a number of exciting dive sites, many of which feature large coral bommies and spectacular staghorn and plate coral formations teeming with giant clams, damsels and angelfish.

Happy diving!