Kuranda Koala Gardens


Families of animal lovers enjoying a break at On the Beach Trinity Beach Family Apartments won’t want to miss a trip to Kuranda Koala Gardens, a fantastic wildlife park just 25 minutes
drive away.

Although small, the attraction is home to a diverse collection of native animals, including eastern grey kangaroos, parma wallabies and swamp wallabies, many of which enjoy free
range of the gardens. As you explore the lush rainforest setting, you can observe freshwater crocs gliding through the lagoon or basking in the sun and meet pythons, lizards and dragons at the country’s only walk-through reptile house. As the name suggests, the park’s star attraction is the most iconic of all Australian animals – the koala! Watch the sleepy bears lazing in the Eucalyptus and have your photo taken cuddling one for the ultimate holiday memento.

Kuranda Koala Gardens is open daily from 9am – 4pm. To find out more, visit www.koalagardens.com