Trinity Beach Restaurants


A holiday will never be complete without that wonderful meal you would be raving about for weeks to friends and office mates. It could come in the form of a prawn pasta at an Italian family restaurant, a grilled barramundi sandwich by the beach, or even a kangaroo barbecue at the park. The dishes and places may differ, but when you take that first bite in a truly unforgettable meal, you’d know – in your entire life, you might never taste food that good again.

Your search for the meal that would embody your holiday begins at On the Beach. Our Cairns beachfront accommodation is not only nestled in one of the most breathtaking destinations in the planet, it is also conveniently located near a selection of world-class restaurants. To help you find the dish that will stay in your mind for months, we provide you a list of our favourite Trinity Beach restaurants.

L’Unico Trattoria
(see inset) This restaurant known for its blend of traditional and innovative Italian dishes is just a short stroll from our Trinity Beach family apartments. We recommend the wood fired pizzas, which tastes like near heaven with their first class local or imported wines. Other dishes you must enjoy are the Pollo del Limone (lemon chicken with gnocchi roman and peach and bourbon compote) and Tiger Prawn Risotto (tiger prawns sautéed with sliced garlic in a creamy risotto).

Ci Fennalis
“Le Fooding” is this restaurant’s own term for its eclectic array of food genres. Our favourite Le Fooding dishes are the Cold seared Tuna Steak on Nicoise Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette, Black Angus Porterhouse with Horseradish Butter and Oven Roast Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese and Bacon.

Vist the website – click here.

Blue Moon Grill
One of the top dining destinations near On the Beach is this restaurant that has achieved some of the most coveted recognitions in the world of cookery. Blue Moon Grill provides a fusion multicontinental flavours that will surely satisfy your palate. Meals to enjoy at the Blue Moon Grill are the Ocean Fresh King Prawns “Classic” Garlic or Sweet Chilli Cream and Oven Beaked Chicken Breast, BBQ Kangaroo Loin. By the way, don’t forget to order their signature dish – the Crocodile Pop Corn.