Army Duck Rainforest Tour


Army Duck Rainforest Tour is one of the oldest and most popular tours at Rainforestation Nature Park. The tour has been running since 1976 and has continued to give visitors a unique experience on land and water. Army Duck lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Climb onboard an amphibious World War II Army Duck and see the rainforest from a whole new perspective. Go deep into the rainforest in this one of a kind vehicle.

The Army Duck was originally conceived during wartime. Palmer Cosslet Putham and Rod Stephens created the Army Duck as an amphibious vehicle capable of ferrying men and cargo from ship to beach. The Army Duck was the product of their innovation and continues to be useful even during peacetime. What used to be a wartime vehicle has become a popular tourist attraction.

Rainforestation has 12 World War II Army Ducks (DUKW) vehicles which can hold up to 30 passengers each. The tour takes 45 minutes. It can easily fit into your itinerary.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind exploration of the lush rainforest. Your knowledgeable Duck Captain/Guide will tell you about the ferns, orchids, strangler figs and stinging trees you will see along the way. You also get to see birds such as the Azure Kingfisher and a host of other animals and reptiles. Marvel at the various flora and fauna.

When the Army Duck splashes into the lake, you get to see turtles, fish and eels swimming up close. Keep your eyes peeled for water dragons or pythons slithering up trees. See these fascinating creatures up close.

Experience the rainforest in a cool way onboard a World War II vehicle. Book the Army Duck Rainforest Tour and see the amazing wonders of the rainforest. Rainforestation Nature Park is just a short drive from our Trinity Beach Accommodation.