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Stay fit and fabulous even when you are on holiday. Our Trinity Beach Accommodation has guest facilities to keep you active. Take advantage of our guest facilities.

We have an outdoor swimming pool set against beautiful landscaped gardens. Swim a couple of laps in our sparkling pool. Start your day right with a refreshing dip in the pool, or cool off after a long day. Our swimming pool is open all year round.

We also have a full size tennis court. Play a couple of tennis matches with your friends. Practice your serve. Our tennis equipment is available for hire from Reception during office hours.

There are a lot of fun attractions in Cairns for people who love being active. Don’t miss out on these cool attractions.

Spend a fun day playing paintball with your mates. Two teams battle it out to secure an objective from one end of a paintball field to the other.

Cairns Paintball is one of the largest and most experienced paintball skirmish fields. They have seven playing fields spread over acres of rainforest terrain. With over 12 playing scenarios to choose from, you are bound to have an incredible battle.

For only $80, the price includes 300 paintballs, camouflage overalls, full face goggles, professional referees, cold drinks, padded vests and gloves for ladies, and between 4-8 game scenarios on 5 different fields.

Head over to Cairns Paintball. Get messy in the best way possible.

Take the plunge and dare to try tandem skydiving. Skydive Cairns offers an incredible skydive experience at reasonable rates. Skydive from 14,000 feet and free fall. Reaching speeds of up to 220km/hr, you will rocket straight down for up to 60 seconds for heart-stopping, life-changing free fall before parachuting and landing safely on the beach.

The parachute deploys at 5,000ft. You will have time to soar and enjoy. Ham it up and show your friends and family how fearless you are. Look around, enjoy the view, and make the most of your time in the air.

Skydive Cairns is the ideal choice for several reasons. Skydive Cairns gives you one ticket for all locations. You may choose to jump from Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Mission Beach or Cairns, all incredible locations. Buy one ticket and choose your own adventure.

To learn more about Cairns Paintball, go to

To find out about Skydive Cairns, visit

To book our Trinity Beach Accommodation, go to



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