Trinity Beach Cairns Accommodation on the Beach

FAQs - Location

Find out about Trinity Beach and the services available.


Q: How far is On The Beach Holiday Apartments from the city?

On The Beach is 23 km or a 20 minute drive to Cairns city. It is an easy drive straight down the Captain Cook Highway.

Visit for directions.

Q: Is 'On The Beach' also called 'Aspire On The Beach'?

Yes. In 2009 we joined the Aspire Group to ensure we retain a high quality standard at all times, and to maximise our exposure in today's ever changing market.

Our relationship with the Aspire Group has enabled us to retain our prices for the past 2 years as we now have access to a wide range of marketing at lower cost price to us. It has also granted us exposure to other properties so that we learn from each other and continue to grow and develop.

Q: How can we get from the Airport to On the Beach Holiday Apartments?

The most convenient and least expensive way to reach us is to have us arrange an airport transfer for you - the company we use are extremely reliable and really make you feel welcome. They will meet you in the luggage Arrival area and will be noticeable as they have a board with your name on it. Prices are as follows:

Single person   $35
Couples            $40
Three people    $55
Four people      $65
Discounted rates for groups of 5 or more - up to 12 at any one time.
Have us include this as a part of your accommodation package. All charges can be placed on your Room account which saves you the worry of having cash when you first arrive.